Located on the Scotts Roads, Grand Hyatt Singapore offers easy access to various kinds of attractions. This 5-star hotel provides us with luxury. Aside from its wonderful aesthetic, we can find many things to do nearby.

The closest area is the shopping mall, which is diverse and numerous. Besides, it is also possible to explore historical heritage buildings. Let us discover things to do here and the surrounding.

Shopping Mall

Singapore is well-known for its shopping malls. It is a perfect destination for a shopaholic. We can find numerous shopping centers that sell many products from famous brands from all over the world here.

Staying in Grand Hyatt Singapore makes it easy to visit one of the malls. The property is settled in a district that has many choices of malls. Due to its numerous amounts, make sure to list them before arrival to avoid confusion.

The closest is Scotts Square and Far East Plaza. Both provide us not only with products but also with services. No doubt that we can find many massage shops in each of these buildings.

Emerald Hill

Emerald Hill is perfect for those who are fond of heritage buildings. Situated around 1,5 km from Grand Hyatt Singapore, it allows us to access this site approximately 20 minutes walk.

Going here on foot can be a good chance for us to enjoy the surrounding atmosphere. We can take a hidden path to escape from the busy roads. Another option to reach this place is by taxi or MRT.

Emerald Hill is a traditional shophouse building. It has a design like terrace houses. Additionally, it is connected by five-foot wide ways. This area was built in 1900 as the upmarket residences and shophouses. Nowadays, it has become one of the conservation areas that we should not miss.

Peranakan Place Complex

This area is also considered heritage conservation. It was the transformation of Orchard Road in the past. Now, we can view skyscrapers that dominate in this area.

In the past, Orchard road was the countryside and became the heart of Singapore. It is one of the main interests of tourists. However, this place transforms into a modern and busy spot.

Take 20 minutes on foot from Grand Hyatt Singapore, this place gives a lot of contribution to local history. In this place, we can get further information about this city from the Singapore visitor center. This spot is worth visiting.

Orchard Library

Visiting Orchard Library fits for one who wants to have a unique experience. Estimated around 22 minutes walk or 1,7 km from Grand Hyatt Singapore, this place is a favorite for several travelers.

This place is reachable by MRT too. Take MRT Somerset to go to this library. Then, find Orchard Gateway Mall where this library is situated.

It is a public library managed by the government. Entering this place enables us to choose from a wide range of books, from old to modern ones. Besides, its unique design exposes curved-shaped bookshelves.

The lighting is warm, which does not hurt our eyes. The hardwoods can make us more comfortable sitting here. This place is suitable for a visitor with a family.

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